The philosophy that everybody connected with the club, including club staff, players, and coaches, should always be considered to personify.

1To embrace ambition all the time.

Everyone who belongs to the club has a great ambition, not only for the short-term results, but will keep challenging the realization of that ambition as a top priority.

2To be a competitive club team throughout the world from the city of Tokyo.

With the responsibility of being the club with its home town located in the capital city of Tokyo, the team should be competitive throughout the world and increase the status of Japanese soccer status.

3To drive the Japanese soccer community through technical training.

To continue to nurture players and coaches in a consistent style and drive Japanese soccer by them becoming core members of national team.

4Providing first-class entertainment.

By always desiring to win wholeheartedly and providing a quality hospitality service, establishing a special kind of atmosphere through sports entertainment, and aiming to be the number one entertainer among all.

5Aim for all people involved in the club to be proud of the club.

Tokyo Verdy will aim to be a club that its hometown, supporters, partners and club staff can be proud of by embodying this philosophy.


The football style that Tokyo Verdy should personify.

1Outstanding skill and hard work to dominate the ball.

Dominating the ball is indispensable for the Japanese, with their lesser physique, to be able to win all over the world, by having outstanding technique and not shirking hard work.

2To understand soccer comparatively with other sports so that players have the intelligence to choose the best play.

Football has to be played in amongst the opponent all the time. Dealing with changes in all situations to exhibit one's strong points, and having the intelligence to always make the best decision.

3Playing soccer by making it unnecessary to go against the spirit of fair play.

By realizing a style of soccer which dominates the ball through skill and hard work, without going against the spirit of fair play by fouling or time wasting, the spectators can enjoy the game, and soccer can be played to win.

4Keep sharing this in all categories of the club by having a consistent theory.

Despite originating in the occasional trend, we will continue to share these philosophies in all our categories, such as the first team, Beleza, and the academy, as a permanent idea.