Club Profile

Club Overview

Company name TOKYO VERDY ,Inc.
Founded 01.10.1991
Club Address 4015-1,
Yanokuchi, Inagi-shi, Tokyo, Japan, 206-0812
TEL : 03-3512-1969
Club house installed with 2 pitches and 2 artificial pitches
Team Name Tokyo Verdy 1969
Name Known As Tokyo Verdy
Home Town Tokyo
Home Stadium Ajinomoto Stadium (Chofu City)
Origin of team name Coined from the Portuguese "VERDE" meaning "green"
Club Color Green
Club Emblem

Club Mascot Verdy kun ( Condole )


Main Business

■Management and operation of amateur and professional soccer teams and various sports activities.
■Development of soccer and various sports players, and coaches.
■Managing soccer schools and various types of sports schools, and organizing different types of sports classes.

Club’s Vision

■Developing a competitive world class club team.
■Expanding the base of the Japanese football industry to promote the advancement of true merit.
■To provide correct guidance and build health and sportsmanship for the younger generations.

Club Mission

■To be the no.1 representative football club in Tokyo, a strong team that impresses and entertains, and is loved by many people.
■Actively participating in the development of Tokyo city, promoting the health of the young generation, and contributing to environmental conservation.
■To implement a training system with a long-term vision, thus developing great numbers of world class players and coaches.
■To aim towards being a comprehensive sports club that contributes not just to soccer but also a lifetime of sporting activity.

Organization Chart

"Since the club was founded, we have established consistent techinical training for the first team to be at the top.
We have made daily efforts to promote and establish soccer culture."


  • Tokyo Verdy Youth
  • Tokyo Verdy Jr. Youth
  • Tokyo Verdy Jr.

■Women’s Team

  • Nippon TV Beleza
  • Nippon TV Menina
  • Nippon TV Menina Serias

■Branch Office

  • ・Verdy S.S Iwate
  • ・Verdy S.S Koyama
  • ・Verdy S.S Leste
  • ・Verdy S.S Ajunt
  • ・Verdy S.S Sagamihara
  • ・Wings
  • ・F.C Verdure Mishima
  • ・Wings S.C
  • ・S.S Cantera